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Please do not ship anything from the USA, Canada, Australia,.. (anywhere outside the EU )
It will get stuck in Spanish customs and then things gets complicated

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there anything that I need to know before shipping you anything from France? (There is a post office in Saint Jean Pied de Port)

If you are sending me a suitcase from France, here are some tips. The french postal systems labels that they stick on your suitcase has a tendency to fall off. It happened 2 times this last summer and creates a problem. So here is my suggestion for you that are thinking of sending me a suitcase from France. Print out my address, get some plastic wrap (kitchen wrap) and wrap it around your suitcase with the address label that you printed out under the plastic. Go to the post office and they will have their own label that they will stick on the outside of the plastic wrap. This way you have 2 address labels on the suitcase, just in case.

I heard that the post office in Santiago offers this same service. Is this true?

It is true that Correos (the spanish post office) offer a similar service. My understanding of what they offer is that they will store it for you for 15 days for free, then charge you €1,-/day after that. I am not sure if they have a limit for how long they will store it or not. Pleas check their website: for details. Also do some searches in the forum for this and you will find earlier conversations on this topic.

Can I ship a suitcase/carry-on bag in the mail?

I have received many suitcases/carry on bags by mail, so this seems not to be a problem.

How much does it cost to ship a parcel if I ship it from Spain?

Have a look at the tariffs that the Spanish Postal Service charge.

What is the best way for me to ship my parcel to you?

From within Spain, in general, the postal service is the best way. They are usually more economical and very reliable. Still, keep your receipt that they give you so that we can track you parcel should it get lost.

If you would like to use another carrier like FedEx/UPS/… that is fine with me. I will store it once I receive it.

Can I ship my parcel from home directly to you in Santiago?

If you live outside the EU, please don't do this except if it is an envelope. I have had a few cases where spanish customs have withheld parcels in customs since they thought I was importing goods to Spain. This leads to paper work, delays, and possibly having to pay import tax on your parcel. And all this while you are walking and not accessible . The best thing would be to travel to Spain/France/Portugal with your parcel, then ship it from there.

Do I have to contact you before I send my parcel?

You don’t have to, but if you do I will have your e-mail address in my inbox and it might be easier for me to find you when I try to send you the confirmation e-mail telling you that I have received your parcel. Best way to contact me would be to do so here.

When you arrive in Santiago

My location is just next to the market and the History & Geography Department of the University. 300 meters from the cathedral in Santiago in the heart of old town.

Frequently Asked Questions

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