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Please do not ship anything from the USA, Canada, Australia,.. (anywhere outside the EU )
It will get stuck in Spanish customs and then things gets complicated

Sending Instructions

Since my service is "Luggage Storage in Santiago" you would need to send it to me for storage. My storage fee does not include the shipping cost. This means that you can ship it to me however it is easiest for you, my indications below are just recommendations, but I can store anything I receive.

Questions I often get:
- How much does it cost to ship within Spain using the post office?
- Is there a post office at the Madrid airport?
- Maximum size of luggage that can be sent through the mail, and how it should be prepared?
- In Spain, is there a special Pilgrim's rate at the post office?
- I am arriving at SJPP with my suitcase. How do I ship it to Santiago?

Where do I send it?

Send the luggage to:

Casa Ivar
ATT: [Your name goes here]
Travesía da Universidade 1
15704 Santiago de Compostela
La Coruña

Sometimes they ask for my contact phone number. If so, please use: (+34) 981 042 134

Please keep your receipt (or take a photo of it with your phone). Add your e-mail address to the parcel if you would like a confirmation e-mail when I have received it.
Please note: Lately I have been swamped with work (the forum, the camino forum store and the luggage storage) so if you do not get an e-mail from me, please feel free to e-mail me and ask about your parcel (5-6 days after you shipped it). I will let you know within a day or two.

  • When you arrive in Santiago, stop by my office and pick it up. If you stay in a hotel/pension in old town Santiago, I can drop it off there for a €5,- fee. Just e-mail me 3-4 days in advance and let me know when and where you are staying. You then pay me online with a credit/debit card.
  • When you arrive in Santiago

    My location is just next to the market and the History & Geography Department of the University. 300 meters from the cathedral in Santiago in the heart of old town.

    How much does this cost?

    The storage fee is based on your luggage size. The current storage charges are:
    - Small box (32 cm x 21 cm x 12 cm): 15 euros for 60 days storage.
    - Medium box (39 cm x 29 cm x 19 cm): 20 euros for 60 days storage.
    - Large box (59 cm x 39 xm x 39 cm): 25 euros for 60 days storage.

    A suitcase (including carry-on sized suitcases) will most likely be classified as a "Large box". If your suitcase/parcel goes over these measurements by a litte, no worries.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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